VIDEO - Faux Aquarelle Stage II BELGIUM Recorded zoom ws, FRENCH )

VIDEO - Faux Aquarelle Stage II BELGIUM Recorded zoom ws, FRENCH )

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Faux watercolor technique in polymer clay – Day I RECORDED
Pavla Čepelíková (Saffron Addict)

Language: english with French translation by amazing Allison Cohade

Recording is available with no limits, you can see it anytime and howmany time you need.

Day 2

Advanced watercolor technique (But it is OK even if you have not attended basic one) 
Special like a painting technique combined with my instant watercolor crackle background… (no heat gun necessary). This
technique is amazing itself, and you can utilize it in many of your future very different projects. It is very versatile and also compatible with other clay techniques.
You will learn how to make lovely waterlilies (simple) cactus and some interesting flowers
(more advanced)  and how to make a fluffy funny cat – for animals lovers. All is possible with this cool technique. You
can select your favorite project or try all of topics, or better you will create with this technique something completely different according to your fantasy..

It looks more difficult than it is. 

Class contains 3 videos. 

There is supporting facebook groups for sharing tips and questions.
Clay Brand – Premo! , (Cernit also works)  Tools – no very special ones, just standard equipment. (tool list is available on google drive as well) Instagram:

Based on this workhop you can create and sell your pieces (as normally). Only I want NOT to do is
teaching this technique and sharing step pictures… (as normally) I do not care about copying my
pieces I made by this technique. If you like them, you can make and sell the same ones.

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