The Cat Bracelet /necklace-polymer clay tutorial

The Cat Bracelet /necklace-polymer clay tutorial


This "pdf Tutorial" is little bit challenging and ver versatile project- Cat Bracelet.

It can be used also as a necklace. You are going to learn learn how to make it, and also how to make some nice pendants based on this technique. The tutorial is not based on polymer clay cane!

As usually this project has lots of ideas you can utilize in your personal art work.

You will learn how to make your own templates and use them instead of difficult and time consuming cane work. This way is saving your time and your clay!

At the end of tutorial you can find lots of (not only) Cats templates which you can use.

The process of work is described in details, step by step, with as many pictures as possible.  I allways share all my tricks and tips. (Only blending of two colors is not described, because you can find it in each book, YouTube, and I believe everybody can do it)

I am using Premo! clay, which works best, but other brands, like Cernit, Fimo or Pardo will work too.

This project is not suitable for total beginners, but little bit of experience with clay work is enough.


Format: PDF

When the payment is received, I will send you link. PDF file is on Google drive and you will get unlimited access.

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