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Faux Watercolors I. (On line zoom class Australia Recorded (English))

Faux Watercolors I. (On line zoom class Australia Recorded (English))


Faux watercolor technique in polymer clay – Day I RECORDED
Pavla Čepelíková (Saffron Addict)

Language: english

Recording is available with no limits, you can see it anytime and howmany time you need.

Day 1 (better say night, because Asutralian time is just opposit of european LOL)
You will lear basic watercolor technique – Secret of the nature (pendat/brooch/Earrings)
It is beautiful clay only technique where you can create anything you like! Flowers, animal, abstract
motifs - helping sampler is of course available. Full day of fun and fantasy. Fresh design, lovely colors. Cool to wear! I really love to teach
this class, all pieces are always beautiful. 

Class contains 4 videos, sampler and of course tool and material list. (Which is not long at all)

There is supporting facebook groups for sharing tips and questions.
Clay Brand – Premo! , (Cernit also works)  Tools – no very special ones, just standard equipment. (tool list is available on google drive as well) Instagram:

Based on this workhop you can create and sell your pieces (as normally). Only I want NOT to do is
teaching this technique and sharing step pictures… (as normally) I do not care about copying my
pieces I made by this technique. If you like them, you can make and sell the same ones.

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