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Faux Wax Batik ZOOM workshop RECORDED

Faux Wax Batik ZOOM workshop RECORDED


Faux Wax Batik recorded ZOOM workshop – Advanced class
Pavla Čepelíková (Saffron Addict)

language: english

Recorded class in English. 

  • 8 videos (4 videos per 1 teaching day) Access is forever, no time limit. You can see it anytime and how many times you want!
  • Layout, templates and design tips are included
  • Tool and material list- with pictures
  • Fb supporting group for sharing results and questions works already


Clay Brand – Premo! ( Cernits also works)  but Premo is much better)


Tools: Do not worry about. All  is usual, you do not need anything very special  (blade, pasta machine, cookie cutters all sizes and shapes, scalpel No11, acrylic rod, favorite components etc).

Tool list will be available separately, and with pictures



Explanation of the whole process of faux batik technique step by step  (both on atlas and imperia pasta machines – for sure

How to plan the design, how to make beautiful patterns,  and how to work with colours, how to frame the batik design with interesting framing, how to finish it nicely, how to hang pendants and earrings…many information, we need two days to go through all of this.



Hollow beads

Bug brooch (these 5 guys are made by students :-D)

Pendants – several types (including easy hollow type)

„butterfly beads“- simple and lovely to wear

Brooches several types with or without framing


Funny and amazing scrap projects (we are going to utilize all! ) This is my very favorite part, full of unexpected surprises

Finishing the work (my special funny  backgrounds- almost each different, surface finishing etc) completation of pendants

and more and more…

This all is fortunately based on my previous teaching home and abroad physically. Faux batik is one of my most bellowed projects so I am happy to share all my secrets, tips and tricks.



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