Hollow Beads - Video Workshop

Hollow Beads - Video Workshop


Video workshop, devided into 10 chapters for easy folowing and orientation

You will learn how to make these egshell light amazing polymer clay hollow beads in different sizes and designs as pictured. 

There are beads both for romantic, elegant, crazy and and all creative souls, so just try what you like most. All my designs are possible to combine, so I am sure you will find your own voice as well.My goal is also to isnpire you a lot! 

I share my magical instant crackle version, where you do not need to use a heat gun for. This one you can utilize as well in your future work, and it is actually valid for all explained designs. 

As usually I share all my secrets, tools sources, design tips and also design mistakes to show you what does not work, and what you can avoid as well :-)

Class contains 10 videos, pieces examples and one cute bonus project. It is in English. 

All is on google drive shared disk, so you can see it anytime, howmanytimes you want and need. I need your gmail address to give you a live access.

(If you have smartphone, you have a gmail.. )

You do not need to download these elephant size videos.

I use Premo clay, but Cernit and Kato clays can be used as well. 




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