PDF-Jungle Flowers Polymer Clay Tutorial

PDF-Jungle Flowers Polymer Clay Tutorial


Fresh and Modern style in polymer clay. Jungle Flower is very complex project consist from funny simple steps.

It is not difficult, so you do not have to be an advanced "clayer" to start with. 

The technique is explained on brooch and simple earrings, but you can easily switch it into pendant or whatever you want. You can also make other shapes.

There are plenty pictures to see all details, templates, sampler and photo gallery.

It is not based on cane! The technique is very playful, relaxing and little bit addictive. (My students say it after classes :-), you can see some examples of students work in photo gallery as well).

You do not need a special tools and materials, I use common ones, easy to get (online or in hobby-art stores).

There is  Premo brand used in the project, but all polymer clays should work as well (e.g. Fimo, Cernit..)


Format: PDF

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