PDF-Ocean life and faux polymer clay painting (e-handbook)

PDF-Ocean life and faux polymer clay painting (e-handbook)

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This is my new "pdf Tutorial-Handbook" with 9 colorful and fun projects on 76 pages with plenty pictures. Projects are are based on very simple but clever cane work which lead to very beautiful complex pictures and creations. You can make both funny or serious projects... It is up to you"

Tutorial is lots of about color. It is suitable for all "clayers" knowing what does it mean "blending"

Blending is not explained in tutorial, because it is well explained in each polymer book, also on YouTube, so I decided not to waste your paper when you print the tutorial.  :-) I am sure you can do it even you are beginner!

I am showing how to play with sea grass,  fish, jelly fish, mushrooms, little feathers and of course perspective, which is very important. There is lots of examples to help you understand what works and why. 

As usually I created small photo gallery for your inspiration and some simple templates. I hope you will enjoy it!

This technique works best with Premo! but any soft clay should work as well. No special equipment necessary.

Format: PDF

When the payment is received, I will send you link. PDF file is on Google drive and you will get unlimited access.

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