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On-line ZOOM class Kumbaya 8th January 2022 International

On-line ZOOM class Kumbaya 8th January 2022 International

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Zoom class - my new "Kumbaya class" is very relaxing and very addictive technique. Combination organic technique (like a stone) and ornaments.

Kumbaya is a famous Africian Lullaby, and this technique is a "soul lullaby" for all of us. Every piece is a pure joy. (I was inspired by amazing art of Africa, and I used to sing this song in a choir... so this is why "Kumbaya").

Technique itself if very forgiving, not difficult and it is possible to use any colors and shapes you love to get amazing results. Suitable for all experience levels. 

As usually I share all my secrets, design tips and also design mistakes to show you what does not work as well :-)

Class will start in Saturday 8th Janury in the afternon CET (4:30 pm) and it will take about 4 hrs - on line classes are faster.  It will be in ENGLISH

Recording will be available, so you can see and follow it anytime in the future without limits!

The zoom link;  and the list of tools and materials (very short one) will be available after payment ( or via wire transfer to my eur account.

I use Premo clay, but Cernit and fimo should work as well. 




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