PDF-Alcohol Inks Batik Tutorial (year 2010)

PDF-Alcohol Inks Batik Tutorial (year 2010)

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It is the  "pdf Tutorial" of  this lovely technique, which I personaly developed. (it was taking 3 years from first idea to final technique) There is very detailed description of the technique, really lots of pictures, and several projects to help you understand the technique well. There is also photogallery for the inspiration. (You can get more inspiration also in my flicker gallery) I hope you will enjoy it! 
The technique  works well with all known brands of clay (Fimo, Premo, Pardo Art Clay, Katopolyclay and Cernit )  Fimo Classic and Premo are best choices, Kato is the last one, but works too.

Revised in 2023

Format: PDF

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